Welcome to the Judi and Bill Leonard Institute for Cancer Prevention, Treatment and Wellness, South Orange County’s first comprehensive cancer institute. This four-story, state-of-the-art facility and its staff of oncologists, nurses, researchers, and specialists are dedicated to helping defeat cancer in our lifetime.

More Space to Care

The Leonard Cancer Institute will provide access to the latest cancer treatments, leading physicians, and newest technology previously unavailable in our community. Our four-story tower’s design includes radiation oncology, imaging services, and medical oncology under one roof, eliminating the need for patients to visit multiple facilities. Here, you won’t find a cancer floor. You’ll find world-class cancer facility at every level.

Embracing Technology

As technology and innovation rapidly evolve in cancer care, Leonard Cancer Institute will feature the leading-edge equipment needed to transform the status quo in cancer care, delivering more personalized and accurate treatment plans, helping reduce side effects and recovery times, and enabling physicians to do their jobs more effectively. This technology includes the latest robotic surgical technology which allows our surgeons to operate on tumors in their earliest stages or those near sensitive organs without damaging healthy tissues.

Other innovations include new software that ensures patients are matched with the most advanced, personalized treatment for their cancer and the latest state-of-the-art diagnostic lab, radiation, imaging, and oncology technology. We’re making this investment to ensure Leonard Cancer Institute ranks among the world’s leading cancer facilities.

Nurse Navigators Guiding the Way

It’s difficult to convey how crucial a role nurses play in a patient’s fight against cancer. These men and women are in direct, daily contact with each patient and his or her caregivers. Our specially trained Nurse Navigators are here to help guide patients through what can be an all-too-complex healthcare system and a patient’s personalized treatment plans.

These nurses also ensure care is coordinated through all levels of treatment and serve as a patient’s advocate throughout the process.

Working to Defeat Cancer in Our Lifetime

At Leonard Cancer Institute, increasing survival rates and changing the status quo in cancer care aren’t enough for us. Centralized in the building will be a comprehensive research and clinical trial program, giving patients access to new life-saving medicines, biologics, and immunotherapy treatments.

The institute also works with cancer experts, researchers, and drug makers from across the country to help accelerate the pace of converting groundbreaking scientific discoveries into the clinical advancements that eliminate tumors, build remission rates, and reduce the devastating effects of cancer. Our ultimate goal is to play a role in the discoveries that lead to a cure for this horrible and all-too-prevalent disease in our lifetime.

Nourishing the Body, Mind, and Spirit

Leonard Cancer Institute at Mission Hospital is a values-based Catholic healthcare provider with a tradition of and commitment to excellence, based on the guiding vision of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Orange.

Open to patients of all beliefs, denominations, ages, and nationalities, our institute embraces the St. Joseph’s ideals of providing health care for the whole person—body, mind, and spirit. To that end, our care teams pair conventional treatments, including surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, and immunotherapy, with integrated medicine to deliver individual, evidence-based therapies based on the research and personalized to each patient’s specific tumor, cancer type, and genetics.

Complementing our leading-edge molecular level treatment are therapies that include acupuncture, herbal medicine, yoga, guided imagery, meditation, therapeutic touch, and Qi Gong.

Leonard Cancer Institute is uniquely designed to be a place of healing and care for both patients and their caregivers. We understand cancer doesn’t just affect the body. It affects the lives of everyone involved, and we are set to deliver unmatched care to all.