Donate now and help
save lives.

Donate now and help save lives.

Bringing leading-edge care to the millions of people who call South Orange County home.

With its state-of-the-art facility and personalized, molecular-based medicine, Mission Hospital’s Leonard Cancer Institute is revolutionizing cancer care in South Orange County.

This new institute provides the latest cancer treatments right here in our community, ensuring residents local access to specialized cancer care not previously available.

Our vision

Delivering the most advanced precision medicine while providing dignity and hope to patients through personalized care.

At Mission Hospital Foundation, we’re engaging the community to provide the best in personalized care, offering hope, healing, and a sacred embrace.

As a non-profit, Mission Hospital reinvests 100% of our income back into our hospitals to provide advanced technologies and superior facilities, clinical excellence through staff training and education, and community benefits and services.

For each dollar invested in fundraising, Mission Hospital Foundation returns approximately $3 back to the hospital. Your philanthropy plays a vital role in our ability to provide these important programs.

Philanthropic Opportunities

Our clinical leaders have identified the following programs, technology, and facilities as key fund-raising priorities:

Mission Hospital’s comprehensive cancer care encompasses the emotional, physical, and psychological aspects and embraces prevention, wellness and treatment. This superior approach utilizes a multi-disciplinary team comprised of highly skilled and experienced clinicians.


Endowed medical chairs – $2,000,000 – $5,000,000

Help bring the best physicians and other caregivers to Mission Hospital to provide medical leadership, program development, and create research opportunities. Endowed medical chairs support advancements in various areas such as genetics or clinical research, or enhance the development of site-specific programs that can include breast, head and neck, lung, and other priority areas.


Our innovative treatment options provide patients with personalized and precise cancer care using superior technologies. A care navigator guides patients throughout their treatment journey and engages specialists to provide support for everything from financial concerns to stress and anxiety.

Cancer Treatment Program – $6,000,000
Radiation Oncology Center – $2,500,000
Medical Oncology Program – $2,500,000
Infusion Center – $1,500,000
Research/Clinical Trials Program – $1,000,000
Patient Navigation Center – $1,000,000
Radiation Oncology Rooms – $250,000
Infusion and Medical Oncology Waiting Areas – $200,000
Infusion Blood Draw Area – $75,000
Radiation Oncology and Exam Rooms – $50,000
Infusion Bays – $25,000
Technology/Virtual Reality Package – $25,000


Our wellness programs and services are being greatly expanded in the Leonard Cancer Institute. Integrative medicine and natural treatments such as acupuncture, aromatherapy, massage, yoga, and nutrition counseling reflect our commitment to care for the whole person – body, mind, and spirit.

Cancer Wellness Program – $3,000,000
Physical Therapy Center – $1,000,000
Wellness Center – $500,000
Rehabilitation Gym – $500,000
Nutrition Program – $500,000
Cancer Resource Center – $100,000
Wellness Salon – $75,000
Wellness Consult Rooms – $75,000


The Leonard Cancer Institute is a vital community resource for those who seek diagnostics and information about the factors that influence the risk of cancer.

Cancer Prevention Program. – $3,000,000
Diagnostic/Imaging Suite – $2,000,000
MRI Suite – $1,500,000
PET CT Suite – $1,500,000
Diagnostic/Imaging Waiting Area – $250,000
Multi-Specialty Clinic Waiting Area – $250,000
MRI/CT Imaging Waiting Area – $150,000
Imaging Rooms – $100,000
Diagnostic/Imaging Reading Room – $50,000
Genetic Counseling Room – $50,000