Recognizing World Lung Cancer Day 2019

Combine all the yearly deaths from colon, ovarian, prostate, and breasts cancer, and they still don’t add up to the lives lost annually in the United States to lung cancer. August 1st is Lung Cancer Awareness Day, and there’s no better time take a closer look at lung...

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When Cancer Hits Close to Home, We’re Here to Hit Back

Join Leonard Cancer Institute in bringing world-class, molecular-based cancer prevention and care to South Orange County. Every donation, regardless of size, helps us invest in the leading-edge medical specialists, treatments, and technology that win more fights against cancer. Donate today.

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October 1st – 31st

Valiant Women Breast Health Wall of Honor

 Throughout the month of October, Valiant Women host the Breast Health Wall of Honor to create awareness for the importance of mammograms and raise funds to support diagnostic care and treatment for breast cancer.

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Mary and her husband
Michael Miyamoto, MD
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